Shaping respectful play, safe socialization and boundaries in a clean and loving doggie daycare environment. We have created well organized and comfortable daycare center with your furry-friends needs in mind. 

Our Philosophy

Quarry Dog Daycare is built around the premise that safe socialization should be at the forefront of a dog’s life. We believe mental and physical exercise, no matter the size or energy level, is the foundation for being a complete canine.  At Quarry Dog Daycare, we shape respectful play by implementing boundaries so that all dogs can find forever friends.


What Makes Us Different?

At Quarry Dog Daycare we’ll care for your pup as if they’re our own.

When you’re away at work or away from home, we provide a fun, safe haven where your dog can play with his furry best friends and lap up the attention he truly deserves.

We believe that smaller staff to dog ratios help us tailor our supervision to each individual dog. This helps guide the dogs through positive, safe and not to mention fun experiences. All of our staff are trained by a local award-winning dog trainer. We have 1 trained staff member for every 15 dogs. We cap our intake at 60 dogs which is the ASPCA legal dog to human ratio rule.

We have a large indoor playroom with rubber flooring and 1500 square feet of outdoor play area that is fenced-in with recycled turf where the dog can enjoy a change in scenery while taking in exciting new sights and smells.