Our evaluation process is in place to keep our dog and human customers safe and happy.

All information on our daycare is listed below.

Questions & Answers

Our evaluation appointments are every morning at 9:10am or 9:45am.



The daycare environment is overstimulating and energetic for a long period of time. Your dog’s temperament, breed, socialization experience, and training are all important factors to think about when considering daycare. 


We are a reservation only daycare. Once accepted into the daycare, you will be given a brochure with instructions on how to get on to our customer portal. This is where you will make your reservations for each day/week. 

Click here to get to the Customer Portal if you are an existing client.

Temperament Evaluations

In order to be admitted to daycare, all dogs will have to go through a temperament test and personality evaluation. This test provides us insight into your dogs specific style of play, energy level and individual needs. Sadly not all dogs are suited for a daycare environment but we do our best to accommodate all types of players. 

​Temperament tests are scheduled by appointment only, Monday-Friday, at 9:10am or 9:45am. We only test in the morning because we need all energy levels to match in order to get a full understanding of how your dog reacts to the high levels of playing. Evaluations last about 30 minutes so you will be asked to stay for the duration of the appointment. 20 minutes for your dog’s evaluation and the rest for paperwork and daycare introduction. Vaccination records and proof of a negative fecal exam are due upon evaluation. Please contact our facility by phone or email to schedule an evaluation! 

Once a dog passes evaluation and is admitted into our daycare we will monitor their behavior throughout the first few days of attendance in order to better evaluate your dog’s specific play needs. This enables us to match your dog with like players in order to create their best play experience. ​If your dog passes initially they are still at risk to be failed due to their full temperament showing once more comfortable in this environment. 

If your dog does not pass our temperament test, that does NOT mean you have a bad dog. Once again, not all dogs are suitable for daycare and that is absolutely OK. So many dogs live an amazing life playing one on one, in smaller groups, or just hanging with their humans. We as the pet professionals will do our best to help guide you in what situation/environment your dog can handle based upon our initial evaluation. ​

Lobby Rules

Please be mindful of how your dog acts while on leash. Our lobby has many tasty treats and distracting toys that may cause your dog to act out, having your dog in control is a must in our facility.

Please be mindful of the grooming clients next door and keep distant from their dogs. While your dog comes here to play, not all dogs are friendly so we ask that you do not let your dog meet any other dogs in the lobby.  

Please be mindful of your dog’s potty rituals. If you have a male dog that marks, please do not allow them to roam the lobby/boutique freely. Always keep a close eye on them so they do not tinkle on our merchandise! We are always happy to watch your dog while you shop. 🙂 


Vaccine & Health Requirements

Rabies & Disemper/Parvo*

Negative fecal exam – yearly

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) is optional** see kennel cough (bordetella) drop down to read precautions 

*blood titers can be used in lieu of vaccination 

**see question 3 to read precautions

All dogs must be able to handle the physicality of daycare. If your dog has sensitivity in their joints and certain areas of their bodies, your dog may not be eligible for daycare. Joint sensitivity can cause temperament changes which may lead to inappropriate behavior.

Dogs that are vomiting and/or have diarrhea, must be cleared by a veterinarian in order to return to daycare. 

Kennel Cough (Bordetella)

Kennel Cough is an infectious respiratory disease that is highly contagious and commonly affects puppies and adult dogs. All dogs are susceptible to the disease, but most affected are those attending boarding kennels, dog parks, daycares, or other crowded conditions.

The Bordetella vaccination does not prevent your dog from getting the disease but eases the symptoms once infected. If your dog does catch kennel cough, you will be asked to have your dog stay home until your dog has not shown any symptoms for a few days to a week or a few days after they finish a 10 day dose of antibiotics prescribed by your veterinarian.

Symptoms of kennel cough include a chronic hacking cough which is most likely prompted by excitement/playfulness, drinking or pressure applied to the dog’s neck. Other symptoms that may occur are nasal and eye discharge and lethargy. 

Kennel Cough is not life threatening unless your dog has a suppressed immune system due to young or old age and auto immune deficiencies, which can lead to pneumonia.


Behavior Requirements

Not only does your dog have to be sociable to dogs but they have to be sociable with humans as well. As daycare attendants, we have to be hands on and correct/handle your dogs when necessary. If your dog is unable to be touched without reacting, your dog will not be eligible for daycare. If your dog is not properly trained and disrespects human leadership, your dog will not be eligible for daycare.

Breed Requirements

We accept all breeds, however certain breed genetics do not lend themselves positive play associations.

Bully breeds tend to become quickly overstimulated which can cause them to act inappropriate and escalate an innocent situation unnecessarily.

Herding breeds are more apt to pass the initial evaluation and exhibit inappropriate behaviors once they become more comfortable in the daycare environment.

Kickout Policy

We as the dog handlers have the right to refuse any dog due to inappropriate incidents and unacceptable behavior. If we notice concerning attributes, we will let you know that we are watching and trying to correct the behavior, but if it does not stop or get better, we will ask you to no longer bring your dog to daycare.

​Please know that as the pet professionals, we are strictly doing what is best for your dog. If we ask you to no longer bring your dog to daycare, it is because your dog will benefit more from not being in a daycare setting. All dogs should enjoy their time and not exhibit any behavior that doesn’t exude just that. 

If your dog bites another dog in a meaningful way, there will be no warning or 3 strikes your out rule, your dog will no longer be eligible for daycare. 


Age Requirements

We accept all dogs over the age of 14 weeks old. We recommend you do not bring your dog if they are over the age of 10, unless they are physically healthy.

Newly Adopted Dogs

Did you just welcome a new dog to the family and want to bring them to daycare? We only ask that you hold off for two weeks or more. Exposing your new dog to such an overwhelming, exciting environment too fast can be detrimental to their wellbeing. They are still getting to know you and their new life so we ask that you take the necessary time to get to know each other, build a bond, socialize outside of daycare before rushing into this, and they will thank you for it!

Spay/Neuter Policy

We welcome all dogs regardless of their spay/neuter status and acceptance will be entirely behavior based and at the discretion of our staff.

If your intact male is continuously mounting, they will be asked to leave and not return until neutered. 

If your intact female is in heat, they will not be able to attend until two weeks after their last sign of bleeding. 


We love Quarry Dog!! After a not so great experience at a large, overcrowded, understaffed daycare we decided to give Quarry Dog a go. My older pup loves to play, but can be shy and quirky at first. Quarry Dog welcomed him with open arms and warm hearts! I now have another sweet little pup who has grown up going to Quarry Dog and I know he wouldn’t be nearly as well behaved and socialized if it weren’t for his days at daycare. They both absolutely love it. It warms my heart to see photos and videos of them playing with their friends and getting loved on. The staff is so incredibly caring, and I really feel like they love my dogs as if they were their own. I wouldn’t consider bringing my dogs anywhere else! So thankful for Rikki and everyone else at Quarry Dog!


Ashley Rose Smith

Little Man & Archie, The Mutts

The boutique is super cute with so many options for our fur babies! All staff is friendly and so helpful. Love shopping here & daycare is amazing!


Leslie Blumenfeld

Winifred, The Boxer

10/10 would recommend quarry dog! I wouldn’t trust my dogs with anyone else! Bear & Moose love you guys!


Brianna Houghton

Moose & Bear, The Mutts

My yellow Lab, Cisco, has gone to Quarry Dog a few months after they opened.He gets amazing good care and lots of love.He LOVES Quarry Dog- so do I! Always tired when he comes home


Karen & Rollie Sterrett

Cisco, The Yellow Lab